Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

MCC is Working With the Private Sector To Deliver Sustainable Results

On Monday night, MCC hosted a reception that brought together leaders from small- and medium-sized businesses, donors, the U.S. Government, and foreign governments to share ideas on ways in which we can partner to deliver sustainable solutions to the developing world. The event, “The Role of Business in Sustainable Development,” was held as heads of state, development leaders, and policymakers arrived in New York to start the Millennium Development Goals Summit, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the UN General Assembly meetings.

As the new investment and risk officer, I was very pleased to greet old friends and meet new and hopefully future partners. What I truly enjoyed was the conversations that I heard around the room. Whether it was Prime Minister Jose Maria Neves of Cape Verde and Lars Thunell, CEO of IFC, discussing the microfinance program in Cape Verde, or AES Corporation Chief Operating Officer Andres Gluski explaining the benefits of his company’s public-private partnership with MCC in El Salvador, guests were attentive and eager to build on the work they are doing to spur economic growth in emerging economies.

MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes issued a clarion call to our guests at our reception, “Let us forge strong partnerships for progress that will benefit our missions and interests as well as the lives of the world’s poor.” I hope that the conversations started this week will indeed forge a stronger partnership between the private sector and the development community.