Millennium Challenge Corporation; United States of America

Two Roads, One Dream: Building History in Vanuatu

Throwing flower petals and waving hand-made U.S. flags and posters, students line the newly rehabilitated Efate Ring Road during the compact closeout ceremony.

It was a great personal pleasure to participate in the closing ceremonies marking the end of the Compact in Vanuatu, and the completion of the Santo East Coast Road and Efate Ring Road rehabilitation. Vanuatu was one of the first countries selected to receive MCC funding, and it remains the only Pacific island nation to have entered into a compact with MCC. I’ve been extremely impressed with the serious efforts made by the government and the commitment of the people of Vanuatu over the last five years, not only to carry out the requirements of the Compact, but also, and in the long run more importantly, to strive to meet the rigorous policy reform eligibility criteria which MCC considers the key to the sustainability of development. Vanuatu has truly emerged as a model of democracy and commitment to good policy, and as a regional anchor of stability.

In a country which had only 73 kilometers of paved roads before project inception, the Compact has nearly tripled this number to a grand total of over 220 kilometers of paved roads! The rehabilitation of these two national roads, the most important roads in the country and affectionately renamed the Goodwill Highway and the Road of Life, is already improving access to market and providing critical access to social services in the two most critical economic development corridors in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Team Photo: (From left to right) MCC Resident Country Manager Chris Cookson, MCA-V Steering Committee Chairman Simeon Athy, MCA-V Program Manager Hans Euscher, MCA-V Program Director Johnson Wabaiat, MCA-V Environmental and Social Impact Officer Jason Raubani,  MCA-V Financial Administration Officer Serah Toara, U.S. Ambassador Teddy Taylor, MCA-V Environmental and Social Officer Catherine Malosu, MCC Senior Investment and Risk Officer Frances Reid, MCA-V Office Manager Moli Williamson, and MCA-V Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Juliette Hakwa

This project has been the highest priority for everyone involved and it has already made national history. From the precedent of community consultations and community engagement through the commitment to building infrastructure in a culturally respectful way to capacity building at both MCA-Vanuatu and the Engineering Support Unit and Government commitment to good policies for economic growth, this has been a demonstration of country ownership, dedication, and partnership. MCC takes pride in having been part of this effort to lay a foundation for sound, sustainable, country-led economic growth.

The Compact is also a testament to good donor cooperation. New Zealand, in particular, as well as Australia, through their development assistance programs, contributed in critical ways to the completion of the Compact program. Their willingness to work with MCC and the Government of Vanuatu to achieve a common purpose is an excellent example of how donor cooperation is supposed to work.