• MCC’s Agriculture and Irrigation Day of Learning: Improving Measurement of Agriculture Investments

    MCC is incorporating things like satellite imagery and remote sensing to expand our results-measuring toolkit.

  • A Strengthened U.S. Commitment to Global Food Security

    October 16 is World Food Day, and 2016 has been a landmark year for MCC and the U.S. Government’s work on global food security.

  • 70 years in the making, a bridge transforms this Senegal community

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation, as part of its five-year, $540 million compact with Senegal, financed the construction of the Ndioum Bridge. As one local teacher put it: "It’s not debatable. This will be a better future for our children."

  • Linking markets, creating opportunities in northern Senegal

    MCC rebuilt the RN2 highway in northern Senegal, linking businesses and farmers with to major national and international markets. For some Senegalese, the new highway is already making an impact.

  • The fruits of our labor in Senegal

    MCC's compact with Senegal not only boosts economic development opportunities for thousands of farmers and their families, but is an example of how a good partnership can profoundly transform individual lives as the country works to lift itself out of poverty.

  • Building bridges in every sense of the word

    The new Kolda Bridge in the Casamance region of Senegal does more than just strengthen economic and political links between the country's north and south, it builds human bonds between Senegalese and Americans. MCC Deputy CEO Nancy Lee recounts her visit.

  • A bridge like no others in Senegal

    The inauguration of the Ndioum Bridge in northern Senegal marked much more than just the opening of a new piece of infrastructure, writes MCC Deputy Resident Country Director Molly Glenn.

  • The look of growth: green blades of rice

    The Ngalenka area of Senegal is being transformed from a brown, dry region to a green, thriving hub of rice production because of MCC's irrigation and water management project, writes Resident Country Director Randy Wood.

  • Fighting poverty and hunger through land rights and irrigation

    By supporting its partner countries’ efforts to reduce hunger, MCC also supports MDG 1’s goal to halve by 2015 the proportion of the world’s people whose income is less than $1 a day and the proportion of people who suffer from hunger.

  • Lunchtime in the Sahel

    Two women are turning an MCC-funded irrigation project in northern Senegal into an opportunity to feed local construction workers—just one of many opportunities for women to benefit from the sudden influx of capital and labor to the region.

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