• Investing in Namibia’s future leaders

    New schools across Namibia are not only creating an environment more conducive to learning and helping narrow a resource gap in rural areas, but also helping instill a sense of pride among students.

  • Telling Namibia’s story to a new audience

    Reaching new audiences was a key component of the Namibia Compact's Tourism Project. One Virginia-based company marketed the natural beauties of Etosha National Park to audiences across North America.

  • At home in Namibia

    New staff housing at Etosha National Park in Namibia is designed to attract and retain top talent, ultimately drawing more tourists to the park and more income to local communities. For one ranger, the change is already evident.

  • Welcoming visitors and planning for college in northern Namibia

    Residents of the Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy in northern Namibia expect a new lodge will be draw tourists and become a source of jobs and income. For one resident, that means a brighter future for his children.

  • Driving prosperity into Namibia, one conservancy at a time

    Namibians at national and local levels are looking to tourism as a key driver of economic growth—and MCC is helping the country harness this critical source of potential revenue.

  • When no service is the best service: Natural beauty and economic growth thrive in Namibia.

    The MCC-funded renovation and expansion of the Grootberg Lodge is changing the lives of residents of the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy, and allowing lodge guests to get off the grid and into the wild... exactly where they want to be.

  • Women breaking barriers: Tradition without discrimination

    MCA-Namibia CEO Penny Akwenye believes Namibian society now offers better opportunities for women and discusses approaches MCC is supporting to offer better services to women living in rural areas.

  • Designing sustainable water projects is harder than you think

    In several projects, MCC considered all the various needs and uses for water in a community and then incorporated those needs into project design. This helped prevent overuse, breakage and wear and tear.

  • Little plant offers big potential in Namibia

    A spiny little desert plant called devil’s claw is contributing to food security in Namibia, and MCC has worked with the Namibian government to maintain a balance between conservation of the protected species and income generation for beneficiaries.

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