• Fighting poverty and hunger through land rights and irrigation

    By supporting its partner countries’ efforts to reduce hunger, MCC also supports MDG 1’s goal to halve by 2015 the proportion of the world’s people whose income is less than $1 a day and the proportion of people who suffer from hunger.

  • A bottom-up approach to managing irrigation in Mali

    The Alatona Irrigation Project in Mali adopted an approach different than the typical "top-down” management of irrigation systems and built a project on incentives and transparency with the goal of ensuring sustainability.

  • Seeking a fair way to allocate land in Mali

    MCC and MCA-Mali turned to a lottery to distribute newly irrigated land to farmers in a fair, transparent fashion—offering a potential model for allocation and titling in Mali and throughout West Africa.

  • Announcing MCC's KIN Journal

    Explore MCC's latest KIN Journal, focusing on MCC's lessons learned and innovations to advance food security.

  • Gratitude in Mali

    A letter from a beneficiary provides a sense of the accomplishments, importance, goodwill, and transformation the Mali Compact helped create.

  • The path to promise

    I just returned from the inauguration of Senegal's new president, Macky Sall, which demonstrated the country's commitment to a strong and mature democracy and to a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.

  • Land rights bring economic development in Mali

    Secure land tenure is a key to poverty reduction. It can improve access to credit, increase incentives for better land management and investment, and allow people the ability to capitalize on their assets.

  • MCC is Supporting the Rule of Law in Benin and Mali

    As MCC’s General Counsel, I was pleased to see the rule of law at work in Benin and Mali, two MCC partner countries in West Africa.

  • American investments in agricultural productivity and airport renovation lead to growth in Mali

    U.S. investments in Mali are having real impact and achieving real progress.

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