• Data Collection in the Time of COVID-19

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, MCC tested new methods that will be adopted for future road evaluations.

  • MCC – Niger Compact Launches Rehabilitation of Critical Roadway

    The MCA-Niger Compact reaches milestone as construction to rehabilitate a key section of the RN7 is launched.

  • Driving Home the Point: Lessons from MCC’s Roads Projects

    The 93km stretch of road from Sarateni to Soroca, rehabilitated under MCC's Moldova Compact, is in use and being enjoyed by travelers.

    MCC uses independent evaluations of its investments to achieve development results. MCC’s Investments in Roads, the latest in our Principles into Practice series, analyzes the agency’s road investments in 16 compacts. Here, we highlight two of those lessons.

  • Working with MCC’s Open Data: Road Rehabilitation in Nicaragua

    Javier Parada, a doctoral student in agricultural and resource economics at UC Davis, was the winner of MCC’s first Open Data Challenge. Javier explains how access to MCC’s data helped to advance his research on road rehabilitation in Nicaragua.

  • A ride to showcase MCC's results in Moldova

    The Moldovan prime minister and the American ambassador led a ride of more than 100 cyclists who braved near-freezing temperatures to help showcase the Sarateni-Soroca road, which MCC helped upgrade.

  • What a difference a paved road makes

    The MCC-funded roads project in Burkina Faso's western region opens new opportunities for thousands of people in remote villages to bring their goods to market. Here's the story of one beneficiary whose life is changing because of the new road.

  • Dangerous roads can be made safer with new tools

    In many of the world's poorest countries, the same roads that help move goods, people and services are also part of a growing number of traffic deaths. MCC aims to stem the danger using new tools to identify potential areas for road construction improvement.

  • MCC paves the way after Typhoon Haiyan

    When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, MCC-funded work was already underway on a major road project on Samar Island. The project's positive impact on the region is more apparent now than ever thanks to careful planning and risk management.

  • A link to Mongolia’s future

    Projects by MCC and the Asian Development Bank allow Mongolians to easily travel across their country on an all-weather paved road to their two neighbors—a feat that the U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia believes exemplifies strong partnership and coordination.

  • Ancient archaeological site found along MCC funded road in Moldova

    Read about how contractors working on an MCC-funded road rehabilitation project in Moldova uncovered what turned out to be a 9,000-year-old house.

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