Webinar: Senegal Power Compact Procurement Opportunities

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Join MCC to learn about upcoming procurement opportunities in the Senegal Power Compact.

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Remarks by:

  • Melissa Adams, Senegal Deputy Resident Country Director, MCC
  • Preston Winter, Director, Program Procurement, MCC
  • Erin Ansell, Associate Director, Infrastructure, MCC
  • David McGill, Associate Director, Infrastructure, MCC

Featured Procurements: 

  1. Management Oversight Social and Environmental Support:  The selected firm will provide program management support for the implementation in energy sector infrastructure work, most notably the construction of underground and submarine high voltage transmission lines around Dakar. The scope of services will include “traditional” program management services (such as design reviews, schedule and cost controls, risk management, document management) and also management and oversight related to social and environmental aspects of the program.
  2. Tariff Reform Study:  The selected firm will produce a study that will serve to strengthen Senegal’s regulatory energy commission as well as its future regulations. This study requires a comprehensive cost of service study to support future tariff levels for an evolving sector and an evaluation of its current methodology applicable to the main utility and concessionaires — as well as the elaboration of a tariff policy/plan that further supports the economic viability of the sector.
  3. Drafting and Updating the Final Electricity Code:  The selected firm will support strengthening of the set of laws on electricity, which will impact electricity cost, reliability, and access. Work is expected to include reviews and consultations, drafting of texts related to the law on electricity and the law on the regulator, in addition to drafting of other legal texts needed to assist the government in its realization of its long term electricity sector roadmap.

In December 2018, MCC and the Government of Senegal signed a new $550 million Senegal Power Compact. Senegal is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, and MCC is partnering with Senegal to meet the increasing demand for reliable electricity for businesses and households. The Senegal Power Compact will support three projects focused on improving the transmission network in and around Dakar, increase electricity access in the agriculture areas of the south and central regions, and improve the overall governance of the sector. The compact aims to increase private sector participation in the sector.

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Procurement and business opportunities, along with other ways to work with MCC, are available at www.mcc.gov/work-with-us.



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