2022 Year in Review

In 2022 MCC worked hard to reduce poverty through economic growth.

  • MCC benefitted
    13 millionpeople in 2022
  • MCC signed
    $1.8 billionin new programs in 2022
  • MCC started up or implemented
    $3.3 billionin programs in 2022
  • MCC approved or is developing
    $1.9 billionin programs in 2022

$20m Solomon Islands Threshold Program signed.

The U.S. Senate confirms Alice Albright as MCC’s CEO.

MCC kicks off its Road Show to promote partnership opportunities, greater national awareness about MCC, targeting the business community, political leaders, students, and other key stakeholders.

$350m Malawi Transport and Land Compact signed.

Inclusion and Gender Strategy released.

Employment Opportunity indicator released measuring disability rights, forced labor, workplace discrimination, and the ability of CSO’s to start-up.