• MCC at COP28

    Learn more about MCC’s expansive climate development work with our partner countries during COP28 in Dubai.

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Poverty-Reducing Growth

    Celebrating 20 years of fostering economic growth, reducing poverty, and strengthening institutions.

  • Powering an Energy Secure Future for Benin

    MCC's $391 million Benin Power Compact tripled the nation’s grid capacity and is projected to benefit more than 11 million people over the next 20 years.

  • Empowering Youth and Women in Morocco is Key to Development

    MCC and the Government of Morocco partnered to implement a $460.5 million compact to address two major constraints to economic growth in Morocco: employability and land productivity.

  • 2022 Year in Review

    In looking back at 2022, we see the impact MCC has had on poverty reduction worldwide.

  • MCC at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

    MCC joins President Biden and leaders from across the African continent for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C.

  • Investing in a Sustainable Energy Future for Kosovo

    The Kosovo Threshold Program strengthened the country's energy sector, catalyzed opportunities for women, and promoted transparent governance.

  • Powering a Brighter Future in Ghana

    The Ghana Power Compact strengthened Ghana’s energy sector and established a foundation on which the Government of Ghana can continue to build a brighter future.

  • MCC Celebrates Women #BreakingtheBias

    Gender equality is fundamental to achieving MCC's mission of reducing poverty through economic growth. Empowering women leads to strong economies, increases in household incomes, and growth for businesses.

  • Investing in Guatemala's Future

    MCC partnered with the Government of Guatemala to improve the quality of secondary education to create opportunities for Guatemalan youth while increasing tax revenues through a $28 million threshold program.

  • A Brighter Future

    A woman cooking outside in the dark by flashlight in Monrovia, Liberia.

    MCC's Liberia Compact aimed to encourage economic growth and reduce poverty in Liberia by focusing on inadequate access to reliable and affordable electricity and road infrastructure.

  • Building a Prosperous Future

    MCC’s Sierra Leone Threshold Program drove institutional reforms and invested in critical infrastructure to improve the water and electricity sectors and encourage sustainable economic growth.

  • Regional Investments

    With this compact authority, MCC is well-positioned to increase the impact of its investments and look beyond borders to leverage regional partnerships.

  • American Catalyst Facility for Development

    Discover five things to know about MCC's and DFC's new blended finance mechanism, the American Catalyst Facility for Development or the ACFD.

  • Year of WASH

    Discover the flood of evidence and learning MCC is releasing in 2020 from our work in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector. This page will be updated throughout the year with WASH-related content.

  • Securing the Future

    MCC’s Georgia II Compact provided students and educators with essential skills and training that will help build the country’s workforce and boost long-term economic growth and prosperity.

  • Set Up for Success

    MCC’s Compact with Zambia invested in critical infrastructure improvements and drove institutional reforms in the capital city of Lusaka to increase residents’ access to water, sanitation and drainage services—improving health and encouraging economic growth.

  • Powering Progress

    MCC’s investments in Malawi’s power sector established a foundation on which the Government of Malawi, private sector investors, and regional partners now have an opportunity to build a brighter future for Malawi.

  • The BUILD Act

    MCC is positioned to contribute to the impact of the BUILD Act with our expertise in basing decisions on evidence and economic analysis, leveraging private sector investment, and incentivizing policy and institutional reforms

  • Investing in Indonesia’s Future

    MCC’s Compact with Indonesia invested in the nation’s people, businesses and economy through projects to reduce childhood malnutrition, modernize government procurement, improve resource management, and increase investment in agriculture and renewable energy.

  • Measuring Public-Private Partnership Potential

    Photo: Port of Cotonou, Benin

    MCC believes that the key to unleashing growth potential in its partner countries is through engagement and collaboration with the private sector. Here's a new tool MCC is using to evaluate the capacity and readiness of countries to implement public-private partnerships.

  • Unlocking Cabo Verde’s Investment Potential

    MCC’s investments in Cabo Verde are strengthening property rights and increasing access to clean water and sanitation, helping to drive growth, fight poverty and advance prosperity in Cabo Verde.

  • Water is Life

    Water is essential to life. And in Jordan, one of the driest, most water poor countries on Earth, MCC’s water and wastewater investments are expected to benefit more than 3 million people.