Sierra Leone Works to Reduce Corruption with “Pay No Bribe” Program

On a recent visit to Freetown, Sierra Leone, as part of the MCC Powering Africa trip, MCC CEO Dana J. Hyde visited a Pay No Bribe program call center, which gives citizens a means to anonymously report bribery and corruption. Alice, an operator at the call center, discusses why the center was created and how it is working to reduce corruption in services delivered by the government.

The Pay No Bribe program is a Government of Sierra Leone initiative, led by the Office of the Chief of Staff and the Anti-Corruption Commission, with support from the UK Department of International Development. A testament to the “MCC Effect,” the Government of Sierra Leone launched the program to help improve its scorecard performance.

MCC’s Sierra Leone Threshold Program, supports reforms by the Government of Sierra Leone that will lead to more effective delivery of water and electricity services and limit opportunities for corruption as the country works to recover from the Ebola epidemic. The threshold program launched on February 16, 2016 and will use data generated by the Pay No Bribe platform to strengthen regulatory institutions.

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  • Sierra Leone Threshold Program

    MCC and the Government of Sierra Leone partnered to implement a $44.4 million threshold program to improve access to clean water and reliable electricity, and to support reforms designed to limit opportunities for corruption.