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  • MCC Malawi Transport and Land Compact Signing

    Sec. Blinken hosts President Chakwera and MCC CEO for USD $350 million compact signing

  • Annie's Story

    Annie used to produce charcoal by burning trees to make a living. After learning about sustainable land practices through a Malawi Compact-funded program, she now produces and sells tree seedlings instead.

  • Malawi Compact Closeout

    In 2011, MCC signed a five-year compact with the government of Malawi to reduce poverty through economic growth by revitalizing the country’s power sector.

  • Replanting Trees One Seedling at a Time

    Members of the Tiyanjane Horticultural Club learned new skills to help the community plant trees and improve the health of Malawi's Shire River. Selling fruit trees and other plants from their roadside stand, they are investing their earnings in their families.

  • Micro-loans Give Small Businesses a Boost

    Mary used to sell charcoal to make a living and has transitioned to becoming a shop owner thanks to a loan from one of the Village Savings and Loans supported by the Malawi Compact and local organizations to help entrepreneurs establish sustainable businesses.

  • Beekeeping for Sustainability

    Emily, a Shire River area resident who also produced charcoal by cutting and burning trees, now earns an income raising bees and selling honey thanks to training and education provided by a local organization through the Malawi Compact.

  • Women in Leadership: Susan Banda, MCA Malawi

    "Speak up, participate and be part of the process!” These words of advice are offered to young Malawian women by MCA-Malawi CEO Susan Banda, who advises women to set goals for themselves and learn as much as they can about their chosen career paths.

  • Holding Ourselves Accountable for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

    Watch the video of the discussion on the margins of the UN General Assembly of how governments, donors and the private sector are working to be accountable for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

  • MCC Quarterly Town Hall Meeting, July 2012

    Hear updates from the June 2012 Board of Directors meeting about the Malawi and Mali compacts from MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes followed by a panel conversation.

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