MCC FOIA Log, Fiscal Year 2019 – Quarter 1

October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018

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Request # Short Description Request Type
19-01R Copies of all SF-311s submitted to NARA FOIA
19-02 Copy of the Human Capital Report prepared for MCC by Logistics Management Institute under contract MCC12CON0002, also referenced as GS00F0026M FOIA
19-03 Copy of the title page for each gender study and each gender and social inclusion study commissioned by MCC since 2008. Alternatively, a list of such studies would also be sufficient for purposes of this request. FOIA
19-04 Requested clarification and resubmit FOIA
19-05 The below audit firm performed your financial statement audit during the listed fiscal years FOIA
19-06 Records sufficient to identify all employees who entered into a position at the agency as “political appointees” or detailed in a leadership posisition since January 20, 2017. FOIA
19-07 All communications sent by or on behalf of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer or the Office of Congressional and Public Affairs to all MCC staff and all transcripts of all hands staff meetings when most of MCC staff were present. FOIA
19-08 All communications related to the White House-directed removal of then-Acting CEO Brock Bierman from his role leading MCC, on or about October 17, 20182—including, but not limited to, communications with any email addresses. FOIA
19-09 Records related to all final policy directives, instructions, guidance, recommendations, memoranda, or decisions provided by the White House to MCC regarding the agency’s mandate, jurisdiction, or duties, including any guidance regarding the agency’s priorities, or any instructions to increase or decrease certain types of work. FOIA
19-10 List of correspondences between MCC and members of Congress and their offices. FOIA
19-11 Documents relating to the Millennium Challenge Corporation Task Order 95332418F0004 (under contract HHSN316201200178W) FOIA
19-12 Each interim and final report and presentation produced for the Millennium Challenge Corporation by Deloitte Consulting in Contract 95332418D00026 FOIA
19-13 Copy of contract “95332418C0028, awarded to Mathematica Policy Research, MCCC-15-RFQ-0187.” FOIA
19-14 “copy of the final report or study from contract MCC050173CF0CALL229 to MBO Partners/Netplex Group Inc., also referenced as MCC050173CF0: Health: Making Roads Safer in Developing Countries.” FOIA
19-15 the Statement of Work and final report or presentation associated with contract MCC110069CON45TO02. FOIA
19-16 Copy of all report and memos provided by contractor Robert E. Hindle under MCC Contract MCC080120PSC80.” FOIA