Closed Compact Report: Burkina Faso Compact | October 2015

Bright II Schools Project

  • $28,829,669Original Compact Project Amount
  • $28,829,669Total Disbursed

Estimated Benefits

Estimated Benefits for the Bright II Schools Project
Time Estimated Economic Rate of Return (ERR) over 20 years Estimated beneficiaries over 20 years Estimated net benefits over 20 years
At the time of signing Not yet available 272,792 $1,900,000

The Burkina Faso Compact was approved with no cost-benefit analysis for the BRIGHT 2 Schools project. Due to insufficient information for calculating a dollar figure for benefits, no closeout cost-benefit analysis is planned for this project.

Project Description

The BRIGHT program was designed to alleviate three major constraints to girls’ education: inadequate number of schools, school environments without proper facilities for girls and inadequate planning capacity within the Ministry of National Education and Literacy. The project, built on MCC’s 2005 threshold program, aimed to maintain girls’ participation in primary school by increasing access to girl-friendly school environments. The three-year project, run by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), was completed in February 2013.

MCC invested in the construction or rehabilitation of 396 additional classrooms, 122 kindergarten buildings, 264 private latrines, and 17 water pumps. MCC funded more than 185,000 sacks of rice for take-home rations, and provided daily meals for over 15,000 students between 2009 and 2012. Literacy and microfinance trainings were organized for women and mothers in all 132 of the project communities.

Evaluation Findings

MCC is conducting an impact evaluation of the BRIGHT 2 School Project. This evaluation will seek to assess what the impact of the program was on school enrollment, attendance, retention and test scores. It will also look at whether the impact varied by gender and age group. An interim report is expected to be released in July 2015, and the final will be available in June 2016.

Key performance indicators and outputs at compact end date

Key performance indicators and outputs at compact end date
Activity/Outcome Key Performance Indicator Baseline End of Compact Target Quarter 1 through Quarter 20 Actuals (as of Sep 2014) Percent Compact Target Satisfied (as of Sep 2014)
All Activities Girls promotion rates to next grade in BRIGHT schools 0 90 95 106%
Number of students enrolled in the MCC/USAID-supported BRIGHT schools (both girls and boys) 20,465 38,619 22,366 10%
Percent of girls dropping out of school 3.8 2 4 -12%
Percent of girls passing the annual CEP exam in BRIGHT schools 0 73 78 106%
Percent of girls regularly attending (90% attendance) BRIGHT schools 94 87 96.02 67%