Malawi Threshold Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Program Achievements

The program was largely implemented as planned, and the majority of outputs were met. The Threshold Program established a large number of institutions or institutional arrangements that have proved sustainable, including: a Financial Intelligence Unit, an Internal Affairs and Computer Forensics Units in the Malawi Police, a Domestic Tax division at the Malawi Revenue Authority, a National Assembly Committee Department, a revived Media Council, regional office connections to the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), and university procurement specializations. 

The threshold program was also instrumental in passage of two pieces of legislation: the Anti-Money Laundering law and the plea bargaining provisions under the recently enacted Criminal Procedure and Evidence Code. These are significant accomplishments in a two-year time frame and speak to the high level of Government of Malawi internal ownership over the reforms.

How MCC Tracks Progress

MCC emphasizes both achieving and measuring results in its Threshold Programs. During program development and implementation, MCC worked closely with the Ministry for Economic Planning and Development, who coordinated program design on behalf of the Government of Malawi, and with USAID, MCC’s on-the-ground representative.  Both USAID/Malawi and the Government of Malawi contributed to establishing program milestones and refining program indicators for the Malawi Threshold Program. 

Malawi’s threshold program indicators were tracked quarterly by MCC in a Results Reporting Table (RRT) that reported progress over each quarter compared to the baseline and program targets. 

Final Implementation Reports

USAID provided MCC with a final report based on information provided by implementers and USAID program managers. A brief overview of some highlighted results is also available in the Final Status Report.

Results Reporting Table (RRT)
Performance Indicator Project End Result Baseline  Data Source
1. Adequate reports for ministries and the National Assembly (NA) Reports generated on monthly basis to NA Reports distributed two years after FY Project Data
2. Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) established in accordance with the AML/CFT law FIU established No FIU Project Data
3. National Assembly (NA) has more control over own budget MOF allocates full budget allowance MOF does not fully and regularly fund NA Project Data
4. Media Council established  MC established No MC in operation Project Data
5. Number of civil society groups testifying before the NA triples 41 instances of CSO testimony n/a  
6. Anti-money laundering/CFT law passed AML/CFT law passed No AML/CFT law Project Data
7. Over 500 people trained across all program components 2,879 trained n/a Project Data
8. Sovereign Credit rating moves from CCC+ to B- (positive outlook) B- CCC+ Project Data