Zambia Threshold Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Program Achievements

The Zambia Threshold Program was largely implemented as planned and the majority of outputs were met. The program resulted in reduced processing times for businesses through the establishment of one-stop shops that automated procedures for business registration and tax payment. In addition, the program helped to reduce processing times for customs operations as part of the Accredited Customs Client Program. Bond repayment efficiency increased as a result of the installation of ASYCUDA, a customs system that centralizes key export and import data. However, the Zambia Development Agency did not undertake its planned reforms, and the integrated border management system was not made operational.


How MCC Tracks Progress

MCC emphasizes both achieving and measuring results in its threshold programs. During program development and implementation, MCC worked closely with the Ministry of Finance, who coordinated program design on behalf of the Government of Zambia and with USAID, MCC’s on-the-ground representative. Both USAID and the government contributed to establishing program milestones and refining program indicators for the program. USAID managed day-to-day program operations and oversaw Chemonics, the primary implementer.
Program indicators were tracked quarterly by MCC in a Results Reporting Table (RRT) that reported progress over each quarter compared to the baseline and program targets. A brief overview of some highlighted results is also available in the Final Status Report. 


Final Implementation Reports

Three months after a threshold program ends, USAID provides MCC a final report based on information provided by implementers and USAID program managers. A brief overview of some highlighted results is also available in the Final Status Report.

Results Reporting Table (RRT)
Performance Indicator Project End Result Baseline  Data Source
1 Number of days to register a property in Zambia 39 70 Doing Business Report 2009
2 Percentage of households reporting payment of a bribe to the Customs Division of the Zambia Revenue Authority 4% 14% Project Data
3 Percentage of households and businesses reporting “high quality” service delivery for business registration 60% 41% Project Data
4 Number of days to register a business 18 35 Doing Business Report
5 Number of days to export products 53 60 Doing Business Report
6 Number of days to import products 64 62 Doing Business Report