Togo Threshold Program

The MCC Togo Threshold Program is designed to improve citizens’ access to high quality and affordable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services—both mobile phone services and Internet—by encouraging private sector investment, developing an independent regulatory regime, expanding service to underserved areas, and increasing the use of ICT among women and small businesses.

The threshold program will also seek to expand access to formalized land through the recognition and protection of legitimate land rights in five pilot areas across the country and to develop a regulatory framework to implement the proposed new land code. The threshold program incorporates stringent accountability mechanisms to ensure that MCC funds are tied to results and are used only for programmatic purposes.


Financials as of June 30, 2023

Program Budget


  • Signed:
    February 14, 2019
  • Entry Into Force:
    November 27, 2020

Program Projects

Increased Competition, Independent Regulation, and Expanded Access in the ICT Sector Project

The objectives of this project are to improve access to high-quality, reasonably-priced ICT services in Togo through:

  • increased competition among ICT service providers in the sector,
  • effective and independent regulation,
  • targeted investments and incentives, where necessary, to increase service in otherwise unprofitable areas, and
  • support for greater ICT utilization.

Land Reform to Accelerate Agricultural Productivity Project

The objectives of this project are to:

  • expand access to formalized land by identifying and legitimizing customary land rights,
  • move the legitimized rights into the formal system,
  • improve the formal system so that it effectively protects legitimate land rights, and
  • expand inclusive access to land by ensuring that recognition of women’s rights, already recognized in formal law, are fully incorporated into practice.